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South Texas Governmental Defense Attorneys

The representation of governmental entities requires a special awareness and understanding of the statutes and the case law which govern these type of claims. Recognized as a regional leader in governmental liability and civil rights law, Palacios, Garza & Thompson, P.C. handles a large portion of governmental litigation in South Texas-defending high risk litigation brought against both insured and self-insured governmental entities.

Our firm represents cities, counties, and other political subdivisions in matters which include:

  • Claims of excessive force, illegal detention, false arrest and other constitutional matters
  • High speed pursuits and motor vehicle accidents
  • Claims involving alleged dangerous conditions on public property and personal injuries
  • Individual claims against public officials
  • Claims involving the failure to provide medical care in jails and prisons
  • Recreational liability regarding parks, playgrounds and swimming pools
  • Claims against paramedics/firefighters and other emergency medical personnel
  • Claims involving provisions of water and sewer and other services
  • Zoning disputes
  • Competitive bidding disputes
  • Fair Housing claims
  • Discrimination claims against governmental entitities under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family & Medical Leave Act and other claims arising out of the employment relationship both in court and at the EEOC or OCRC administrative level
  • Construction and public contract disputes
  • Pension and disability disputes
  • Real estate litigation

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For more information about the firm’s governmental defense services, contact Palacios, Garza & Thompson, P.C. at (956) 318-0507 at our South Texas based office.