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Divorce is an overwhelming experience for parents, children and the family. Divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences of a person’s life. At such a time, selecting a family law attorney or as most people say, divorce lawyer, who will allow you to emerge financially and emotionally intact is essential. Palacios, Garza & Thompson, P.C. divorce attorneys have tremendous experience negotiating and finalizing complex divorce agreements. Our team can handle all aspects of a Texas divorce, including:

  • Complex property issues (including farm and ranch)
  • Child custody
  • Child support, visitation and parenting plans
  • Dividing retirement and employee benefits
  • Spousal maintenance (a.k.a. spousal support or alimony)

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Palacios, Garza & Thompson, P.C. walks clients through the property division process. We can obtain a restraining order to protect out clients’ rights and assets during a divorce or obtain a temporary order if you are not married and own a house with another person, verifying that all appropriate items are included in the list of property to be divided.

Common issues in property division include matters such as:

  • Will the house be sold and the proceeds divided, or will one spouse get the house and the other spouse a corresponding amount of cash?
  • What about retirement plans such as pension plans or 401(k) plans?
  • What is the difference between community property and separate property in a divorce?
  • If I received an inheritance from a relative who also left money to my spouse, can I get all of the inheritance because it was my relative?
  • I helped put my ex through business school to learn how to run his family’s business. Do I get any part of the business?
  • My spouse gave me jewelry before we were married. Is that included in community property?

Though not often talked about debts are included in the calculation for marital property division. Of course, dividing property also includes allocating the debts, such as credit card bills, the mortgage, and loans for the family business or the car. The job of a lawyer is to account for all marital assets and be sure that separate property is not included in the total amount to be split.

As a Board Certified Family Law attorney, Lucia Thompson has the experience and the knowledge to represent clients effectively during the property division process. Contact Palacios, Garza & Thompson, P.C. at (956) 205-0848 to learn more.