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Marilu Cavazos

The thing that I like most about working with Lucy is that she and her staff are always readily available to me whether it be by phone or email. I frequently have questions and they are answered by her or her staff almost immediately. Her approach makes me feel that she really cares about my case and it also makes me feel I can trust her. This is very important to me.

Anna Abrego

My dear Mother, very  wise, would always tells us girls:  ‘ Do not go to a gun fight with a pocket knife’. Many times victory in a case comes in many unexpected ways:  The advise/solution in regards to the case or situation is and should always be a ‘no nonsense, shoot from the waist’, type of advise, and this is what one receives from this law firm.  They will go in with a winning attitude, regardless of what the odds are or how the odds are stacked.

Gilbert Gallegos

Lucy will protect your interest to full the extent of the law in as short a time frame as possible.  Unfortunately, many divorces become very adversarial and having someone to keep you focused without attached drama is refreshing.